Parent Times

We run a program of Parent Times over the year to share important information with parents that can help them to support their children even better at school. The sessions are designed to help parents know more about what we do at Oliver Goldsmith so that we can work together to help children reach their potential. We vary the days and times they are held to help as many parents attend as possible. We always upload presentations to the website, see below, so that even if parents cannot attend, they can read the materials we share. Watch out in newsletters for dates and times of Parent Times.

Click on links below to download resources from our Parent Time sessions...

Resources from 2019-20

Phonics Parent Time 2019.pdf

PDF KS1 presentation.pdf

English Parent Time PPT 30.10.19.pdf

Year 5&6 Applying for High Schools-September 2019.pdf

KS2 maths parent time letter.pdf

KS1 maths parent time letter.pdf

KS1 English Parent Time Letter.pdf

KS2 English Parent Time-Letter to Parents.pdf

Parent time KS1 Eng ppt.pdf

Blooms Taxonomy Questions.pdf

High Frequency words.pdf

PDF KS1 presentation.pdf


KS2 Maths Calculations.pdf


Resources from 2018-19

Anti-Bullying Parent Time - Weds 14th November

Anti bullying Week Parent Time 14th Nov 2018.pdf

KS2 English Parent Time - Tuesday 30th October

English Parent Time PPT .pdf

English Glossary.pdf

KS2 English websites.pdf

Years 3 and 4 spelling list.pdf

Years 5 and 6 spelling list.pdf

Blooms Taxonomy Questions.pdf

KS1 English Parent Time - Tuesday 16th October

Parent time KS1 Eng ppt.pdf

High Frequency words.pdf

Blooms Taxonomy Questions.pdf

KS2 Maths Parent Time - Tuesday 2nd October

Parent Time KS2 Maths Calculations.pdf

KS2 maths websites.pdf

KS1 Maths Parent Time - Wednesday 26th September

Written-Calculation-Policy.pdf 2019

CPA guidance.pdf

KS1 presentation.pdf 2019

Years 5&6 Applying for High School and Residential Parent Time - Wednesday 12th September

Parent Time Letter Applying for High School and Y5 & Y6 Residentials for 2019.pdf

Year 5&6 Parent Time on Residential Trips and Applying for High Schools 12th September 2018.pdf


High School Open Days Autumn 2018.pdf



Y5 High School & Gordon Brown Letter 13th Sept 2019.pdf

Y6 High School & JCA letter 13th Sept 2019.pdf

Resources from 2017-18

Parent Time 3- KS2 maths calculations parent time letter-3.10.17.pdf

KS2 Maths Calculationspowerpoint.pdf

KS2 maths websites.pdf

Parent Time 4-Parent Forum & PSA AGM letter to parents.pdf

Parent Time 5-KS1 English-letter to parents.pdf

Blooms Taxonomy Questions.pdf - High Frequency Word List.pdf - Parent time KS1 English.pdf

Parent Time 6- KS2 English parent time letter.pdf English Parent Time PPT 1.11.17.pdf English Glossary.pdf

Blooms Taxonomy Questions.pdf Goldilocks example.pdf KS2 English websites.pdf

years 3 and 4 spelling list.pdf Years 5 and 6 spelling list.pdf

Parent Time 7- (continuation of Parent Time 3) KS2 Maths parent time letter- Continuation session- Friday 3rd November.pdf

Parent Time 8 - Year 1 Phonics PPT.pdf - Parent leaflet.pdf-Year 1 Phonics parent time letter.pdf

Parent Time 9-Anti-bullying parent time letter.pdf

Parent Time 10 - E-Safety led by ChildNet 6-7pm - resources available from ChildNet website,

Feedback and comments from parents…

  • “I found this session to be very informative. I am more aware of the different sites that kids can access and what can be done to better protect them from falling prey of internet groomers.” Year 3 Parent.
  • This evening’s seminar was very informative. I leant more in depth about grooming which is a main concern of ours because of independent use of the computer.” Year 3 Parent.
  • “It is great to know that school in placing importance on this subject. Good to know there is one recommended go-to website for parents to go to.” Parent with children in Year 1 & Year 3.
  • “Good to know that we can control where our children go on the internet. A lot of helpful information with the website where parents can go to.” Parent with child in Year 3.